About us

The PULSAR Publishing Company was founded on the 12th of February of 2001 - a day coded in the Maya calendar by the seal of the "Three Suns".

The goal of our work is to publicize and foster the knowledge about the laws of TIME that rule life on Earth. The knowledge, as decoded by the American scientist Jose Arguelles from the pre-Columbian Maya calendar - the Tzolkin, addresses the humanity of today. To work with the Maya Calendar is to embark on a path of a personal search. While the Tzolkin opens up the gates to knowing, the direction one decides to take is entirely a personal choice. Our publications target those people who want to expand their consciousness, find the meaning in life once lost, find out their mission, purpose and place on this Earth.

The knowledge contained in our books in no way attempts to lay down the foundations for a new ideology, it is not a framework of a new religion or a religious sect. The information we're conveying contains no dogma and includes no pragmatic content. Just because one person sees it one way, doesn't mean everybody else has got to see the same thing.

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